Saturday, April 19, 2014

Family Movie Night!

We had our first official family movie night, complete with pizza (for 3 of us), sleeping bags and of course, Frozen. :) I am pretty sure 99% of America had a movie night involving Frozen that week. :)


Harper makes us laugh every day.  She is full of information and her vocabulary is astounding. Just the other day she was describing a friend's dog and she said, "He is golden. Very shiny." (it is a yellow lab).  She has something to say about everything, that is for sure!  She mothers Hudson so much and it is hysterical.

She wrote this the other day at the tea room. I was pretty impressed! Pretty great for a 3 year old!

Park fun!

It was a beautiful day for the park:

Harper had to swing her "baby" of course:

It was so nice we went back after school:

Park Pals:

My birthday....

My birthday came (and went) again this year. :)  My sweet friends surprised me at drop off with these beautiful flowers:

My mom, Harper and I had a lovely lunch at the tea room. Then mom kept Harper so I could get a (much needed) pedicure:

Harper wanted me to paint her toes as well:

My two monkeys:

The kids wanted to know where my party was going to be held.  Joe T's! Where else?

Casa Field Trip!

 I am so thankful I get to go on field trips with my sweet boy. His class went to see How I Became A Pirate at Casa.  It was a cute play and we had a great time!

I love this sweet class of kiddos!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1st Baseball Game of the Season!

Looking so big in his uniform:

I can't believe this is his third season!!!

They look so grown up out there and baseball ready! 

It's going to be a great season!

Spring Break Fun!

Hudson's class celebrated Dr. Suess Day at school:

These two are sweet friends:

Hudson had a buddy with him during Spring Break - Flat Stanley!  He went with us everywhere the week of Spring Break:

We surprised Hud with his first Mavs game (he picked out his own outfit, sweet boy):

We ate dinner at one of our faves before:

The next day held a birthday party:

I like to call this Castle Wars;

We made rest time fun with sleeping bags:

On Monday, we hit lunch and the movies with some fun friends:

Tuesday, we headed to one of our favorite places! Waco!  We started at the zoo:d

After lunch, we visited our beloved Bears:

I was happy to see they still sold these. Threw me back to the mid-90s:

Wednesday, we visited Trent for lunch:

Then came home and played:

Harper always manages to convince him to play married or prince/princess:

LynnAnn and I had a fun night in Dallas and got to see a movie we have waited SEVEN years to see:

It was a GREAT night!

Friday, we hit Fossil Rim. But, so did the rest of DFW, so we bailed early and went to lunch:

I don't know what I am going to do with THIS one:

Trent and I spent some time rearranging the game room on Sunday and that meant lots of climbing and fort fun for the kids: